Michael Bates

Gardens as destination spaces that reflect a new movement in Australian landscape design.

Fabian Capomolla

In mid-2014, passionate grower and gardening author Fabian Capomolla decided to up stumps and mov

Michael Morrison, Lisa Clausen

Gardener Michael Morrison worked alongside the late Dame Elisabeth Murdoch at her home Cruden Far

Christopher Mills, RHS Kew Botanical Gardens

Celebrating 40 of the World's Most Fascinating Plants

Sandra Knapp

This beautiful box set examines the fascinating history of plants and flowers through exquisite b

Michael Cooke and Brigid Arnott

Superbly photographed stories of five gardens of character and 'inner spirit' that have been shap

Paul Bangay

Feast your eyes on these to-die-for gardens, each of which features Paul’s distinctive simplicity

Mickey Robertson

The story of the author's home and world-class garden and her relationship with nature and the se

Wona Bae, Charlie Lawler

Observe nature, be inspired by it and start experimenting.

Doug Purdie

Bees are our most important pollinators and they are in decline the world over.

Helen O'Neill

A beautifully illustrated, visually lush and intriguing book about the world's most popular and m

Saskia Havekes

Saskia Havekes is at the forefront of artistic flower arranging in Australia.

Janet Hawley

For more than twenty years Wendy Whiteley has worked to create a public garden at the foot of her

Paul Bangay

Gardens designed by Paul Bangay are renowned for their elegant proportions, careful use of materi

Little Veggie Patch Co

Practical projects for small-space edible gardening and backyard fun from the much-loved Little V


With over 7 million copies sold, YATES GARDEN GUIDE is Australia's bestselling gardening bible.

Toby Musgrave , Richard Aitken

The ultimate garden book - both a collection of gardens from around the world and a resource for

Sandra Knapp

Flora is an enchanting voyage of discovery capturing the excitement and wonder of plant explorati

Gardening Australia

From the much-loved TV show, ABC Gardening Australia, comes the bible for novice gardeners and gr

Alexandra D'Arnoux

Lying behind the urban facades of Paris is a hidden landscape.


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