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Bob Brown

Green Nomads is a celebration of Australia's wilderness areas, and we surely have something to ce

Rob Mundle

How Dutch sailors discovered New Holland and left Australia to a British pirate.

Daniel Klein

A humorous and philosophical trip through life, from the New York Times-bestselling author of Tra

Victoria Pepe

Twenty-five girls and women under thirty tell us why they call themselves feminists.

Bill Bryson

In-store 8 October

Erica Jong

Fear of Flying has sold over 26 million copies worldwide.

George Megalogenis

The bestselling author of The Australian Moment asks the most important question confronting the

Simon Winchester

Travelling the circumference of the truly gigantic Pacific, Simon Winchester tells the story of t

Tim Flannery

Ten years after his internationally bestselling The Weather Makers, acclaimed scientist and autho

Bill Bryson

Now a major film starring Robert Redford, Nick Nolte and Emma Thompson: the funniest travel write

Joseph Burgo

Are there people in your life who dominate every social situation or work meeting?

Introduced by Julian Assange

What Cablegate tells us about the scope of U.S. foreign policy around the world.

David Astle

After his recent hits - Puzzled and Cluetopia - David Astle continues on his brain-bending path i

Crawford, Filipovic & Hunter

ALL YOUR FRIENDS LIKE THIS is a topical, punchy and provacative look at how social networks are t

Andrew Fowler

Media Moguls, Whistleblowers and the Price of Freedom

Daniel Goleman

An important manifesto on how we can change our world for the better from the unique mind of the

Duncan McNab

The colourful and exciting story of the larger-than-life characters who have populated Australia'

Evie Wyld and Joe Sumner

An intimate and unique visual memoir by the multi-prizewinning Evie Wyld.

Greg Sheridan

A memoir of my misguided youth with Tony Abbott, Bob Carr, Malcolm Turnbull & other reprobate

Rick Searle

Fighter pilot, pioneer aviator, hero: the life of Sir Gordon Taylor MC, GC


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