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David Hill

This is the story of how a tiny, struggling convict settlement grew into six dynamic colonies and

John Howard

An assessment of Australia's longest-serving Prime Minister, Sir Robert Menzies, by John Howard,

Walter Isaacson

How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution

Hugh Mackay

The Art of Belonging advances the argument put forward in Mackay's bestselling The Good Life: a '

Peter Ackroyd

In Civil War, Peter Ackroyd continues his dazzling account of England's history, beginning with t

Naomi Klein

Forget everything you think you know about global warming.

Helen Garner

Anyone can see the place where the children died.

Caroline Moorehead

From the author of the New York Times bestseller A Train in Winter comes the extraordinary story

Maxine McKew

It's time for a ceasefire in the education wars.

Jenny Nordberg

An Afghan woman's life expectancy is just 44 years, and her life cycle often begins and ends in d

Misch Rochus

After being seriously wounded in the 1939 Polish campaign, Rochus Misch was invited to join Hitle

Kate McClymont, Linton Besser

Queensland had the Fitzgerald Inquiry and the Moonlight State.

Peter Brune

The definitive story of the Australian campaign in Southeast Asia during World War II from one of

Andrew Leigh

The hidden reasons for our curious choices and surprising successes

Roger Maynard

Survival, heroism, courage and mateship in Ambon, a place of nightmares.

Bruce & Denise Morcombe

On 7 December 2003 Daniel Morcombe disappeared on the Sunshine Coast, while waiting for a bus.

Peter Rees

The harrowing, dramatic and profoundly moving story of the Australian and New Zealand nurses who

Peter Barton

The true story of the most dramatic battle in Australia's history.

Peter Fin, Petra Couvee

The story of a forbidden book that became a symbol of freedom and rebellion in the battle between

Anthony Cooper

The author of the bestselling Darwin Spitfires casts a forensic eye over the role that Allied air


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