Art & Design

Mark Irving

1001 Buildings You Must See Before You Die is a visual testament to the world's greatest achievem

Mark D. Sikes

Modern and unfussy, Mark D.

Sebastian Smee

A fascinating look at the friendships and feuds of some of the world's most famous artists

Darren Palmer

How interior design can respond to the individual needs of different types of families to make th

Paul Morley

'A handsome six footer with a warm and engaging personality, Davie Jones has all it takes to get

Stefan Bollman

What is it about a woman reading that has captivated hundreds of artists over the centuries?

Bernadette Murphy

Why did Vincent van Gogh cut off his ear?

Karl Ruhrberg

The century that changed art forever. This is the quintessential roundup of art from 1900-2000.

Keri Smith

You are electing to join a secret underground movement.

Penny Olsen

Ferdinand von Mueller and Women Botanical Artists

Ken Done

An impressionistic and exuberant memoir by Australia's best-loved artist.

James Magni

James Magni’s highly sophisticated, modern home design is highly sought after the world over and

Francesca Zamora
Angus O'Callaghan

This is a landmark publication of a life's work.

Sasha Grishin

For more than half a century John Wolseley has been widely acclaimed for the way his art practice

John Berger

A major history of art from one of the world's leading writers and art critics.

Betty Churcher

The third in the best selling 'notebooks' series.

Marcia Prentice

'How We Live' is an intimate photographic journal of designers' and artists' homes and work space

Ross King, Anja Grebe

The most comprehensive book on the paintings and frescoes of Florence.

Tamara Maynes

The Maker provides inspiration and information for mastering your chosen craft and using these sk


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