Kiera Lindsey

A dramatic and fast-paced biography of a currency lass born to convicts who gained their freedom

Julia Leigh

At the age of 38 acclaimed novelist Julia Leigh made her first visit to the IVF clinic, full of h

Tara Winkler, Lynda Delacey

... by a woman who did.

Sue Klebold

A powerful and haunting book that sheds light on one of the most pressing issues of our time.

James McBride

*Due out April 12

Alexandra Joel

* Due out April 1

The scandalous Australian woman who enchanted British society.

Karen Middleton

As much a window on the recent turbulent years of politics – from the man who was often in the mi

Sohila Zanjani, David Brewster

Three generations of Iranian women and their search for freedom.

Liz Harfull

The inspiring true stories of courageous women forging new lives in the Australian bush.

Lyndall Hobbs

In this memoir, Lyndall Hobbs bares all.

Peter Popham

The only book you will need to read if you want to understand Aung San Suu Kyi and contemporary B

Yassmin Abdel-Magied

Frank, fearless, funny, articulate and inspiring, Yassmin Abdel-Magied is a dynamo, a young Musli

Jhumpa Lahiri

From the bestselling Pulitzer Prize winner: a stunning non-fiction debut, written in Italian: a m

David Marr

A brilliant biography for an election year . . .

Annabel Crabb

A scintillating biography for an election year . . .

Ruth Clare

'I was born into the war still raging inside my father.'

Gail O'Brien, Juliette O'Brien

An inspiring story of one woman's journey through heartbreaking loss to renewal and new purpose.

Jeanne Marie Laskas

The brilliant young forensic pathologist had no idea that the body on the slab in front of him wo

Marianne van Velzen

The remarkable story of Ernestine Hill, nomad, adventurer and trailblazer

Andrew Faulkner

The extraordinary story of Len Opie, Australia's deadliest soldier


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