Lyndall Hobbs

In this memoir, Lyndall Hobbs bares all.

Ruth Clare

'I was born into the war still raging inside my father.'

Annabel Crabb

A scintillating biography for an election year . . .

David Marr

A brilliant biography for an election year . . .

Jhumpa Lahiri

From the bestselling Pulitzer Prize winner: a stunning non-fiction debut, written in Italian: a m

Yassmin Abdel-Magied

Frank, fearless, funny, articulate and inspiring, Yassmin Abdel-Magied is a dynamo, a young Musli

Peter Popham

The only book you will need to read if you want to understand Aung San Suu Kyi and contemporary B

Gail O'Brien, Juliette O'Brien

An inspiring story of one woman's journey through heartbreaking loss to renewal and new purpose.

Jeanne Marie Laskas

The brilliant young forensic pathologist had no idea that the body on the slab in front of him wo

Mark Morri

John Cobby finally tells his story, 30 years after the murder of his wife, Anita.

Andrew Faulkner

The extraordinary story of Len Opie, Australia's deadliest soldier

Marianne van Velzen

The remarkable story of Ernestine Hill, nomad, adventurer and trailblazer

Philippa Moore

At twenty-four Philippa Moore is overweight, unhappily married, and still living in her hometown

Clara Bensen

When Clara Bensen arranged to meet Jeff Wilson on the steps of the Texas State Capitol, after jus

Laura Thompson

The contrasting lives of the Mitford sisters - stylish, scandalous and tragic by turns - hold up

Benjamin Law

Meet the Law family – eccentric, endearing and hard to resist.

Carrie Brownstein

From the guitarist of the pioneering band Sleater-Kinney, a candid, funny, and deeply personal lo

Paddy Manning

Born to Rule is the unauthorised biography that unravels the many layers of the man who has just

Catherine Hewitt

A fantastically readable biography of a 19th-century Parisian courtesan who harbours an incredibl

Kerry O'Brien

The life of one of Australia's most intriguing public figures, former Prime Minister Paul Keating


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