The President's Desk


The President's Desk: An Altered History of the United States

Shaun Micallef

Built from the hull of the British HMS Resolute, as a gift from Queen Victoria, The President's desk - aka the Resolute Desk - has occupied the Oval Office of the White House for some time now. Since 1880 it has seen much action from the Presidents who have sat behind it and made historical, worldchanging decisions.

Now Shaun Micallef takes us inside the Oval Office, and, in a highly entertaining romp through American history, introduces us to the men who have sat at the desk.

Micallef's exploration of the widely varying personalities and traits of America's presidents, paints a wonderfully alternative history of the US through an outrageous, absurdist re-imagining of their lives. Readers will delight in The President's Desk and it's enormous number of references to real people, places, events and culture embedded in the text amongst Shaun's very entertaining comic storytelling style.

As Shaun says "The President's Desk is a history of America for people who can't be bothered with accuracy".