Wow I'm A Genieous!!!!


Wow I'm A Genieous!!!!

Mike Haskins

The Stupidest Things Ever Said Online

George Orwell was wrong. Big Brother isn't watching you but thanks to the internet everybody else in the world is!

A hilarious collection of the weirdest, stupidest and most outrageous things ever said on the internet on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Ebay, Amazon, YouTube and even in good old-fashioned emails. Years ago if you said or did something stupid or embarrassing, it would have remained relatively private and would soon been forgotten. Now thanks to advances in technology every cringe-worthy remark that we make online is preserved not only for the rest of eternity but is also instantly available for all the world to see! Wow! I'm a Genieous! presents an irresistible collection of ill-thought out comments, opinions, online disputes and sheer unashamed ignorance.So join us as we find the people who put the twit in Twitter and the mess in instant message.