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John Safran

Expecting skinheads, John Safran rocked up to a far-right rally in Melbourne.

Jane Hutcheon

How one woman turned her life upside down to help those who needed it most - half a world away.

P.J. O'Rourke

An essential take on the stranger-than-fiction 2016 presidential election from a quintessential v

David Suzuki, Ian Hanington

A resounding post Paris Agreement wake-up call about the urgency of the climate crisis that offer

Allan Gyngell

“Everything Australia wants to achieve as a country depends on its capacity to understand the wor

David Marr

In this timely Quarterly Essay, David Marr looks at Australia’s brand of the politics of resentme

George Megalogenis

Australia is in transition. Saying it is easy.

Julie Ferry

The Transatlantic Marriage Bureau will romp through a full year to tell the story of nine young A

Ian Townsend

The little known and intriguing WWII story of an eleven-year-old Australian schoolboy who was sho

Gareth Russell

England July 1540: it is one of the hottest summers on record and the court of Henry VIII is embr

Rebe Taylor

In 1908 English gentleman, Ernest Westlake, packed a tent, a bicycle and forty tins of food and s

Jessa Crispin

A searing rejection of contemporary feminism and a bracing manifesto for revolution.

Noel Pearson

The nation has unfinished business.

James Rickards

The global economy has made what seems like an incredible comeback after the financial crisis of

John Simpson

From distinguished foreign correspondent John Simpson, a fascinating history of what it is to ris

Malcolm Gladwell, Steven Pinkner, Matt Ridley and Alain de Botton

Is humanity approaching a Golden Age, driven by technology and ever-closer global networks?

Ben Smee, Chistopher A Walsh

Goings-on in Northern Territory politics from 2012-2016 may read like satire, but it is all true.

Stan Grant

In Quarterly Essay 64, Stan Grant takes a deep and passionate look at Indigenous futures, in part

Rob Mundle

How the mighty clipper ships transformed Australia from convict outpost to a nation.

Peter FitzSimons

On Anzac Day 1918, when the town of Villers-Bretonneux falls to the British defenders, it is the


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