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Jim Davidson

Postcards provide a much richer source of imagery than most of us ever imagined.

Brad Norington

Kathy Jackson was hailed as a heroine for blowing the whistle on the million-dollar fraud of Mich

Wendy Guest, Gary Gray

Not Just For This Life is a salute and tribute to Gough Whitlam, commemorating what would have be

Giles Milton

The incredible story of the secret underground operations of the Second World War.

Adam Wakeling

Instore 13 July

Lucy Clark

I want to tell you a story about my daughter, my beautiful failure.

Lynne Kelly

The traditional Aboriginal memory technique that unlocks the secrets of Stonehenge,

Matt Noffs

This landmark book, from Matt Noffs and his team at the Noffs Foundation, is a much-needed voice

Terry Ledgard

Terry Ledgard is no stranger to mischief and adventure.

Terry Smyth

The Life and Times of Australia's Greatest Lawman – the Forgotten Hero of the Myall Creek Massacr

Kooshyar Karimi

Instore 13 June

Anna Beer

The hidden history of the women who dared to write music in a man's world.

Tara Moss

An accessible and practical handbook for women on speaking out safely and confidently.

Hugh Mackay

What do people actually mean when they say 'God'?

A. C. Grayling

Best-selling author A. C.

Glenn McFarlane

FAIR DINKUM (def.): honesty, guts, directness, fortitude, courage, truth.

Megan Davis and Marcia Langton [eds.]

Why should Indigenous people have a direct say in the decisions that affect their lives?

Henry Reynolds

Australian governments find it easy to go to war.

Stan Grant

An extraordinarily powerful and personal meditation on race, culture and national identity.

Barry Jones

With all his generosity, Barry Jones shares his love of the great literature and music of the wor


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