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Asne Seierstad

In the tradition of Truman Capote's classic In Cold Blood, a powerful and gripping depiction of a

Geoffrey Blainey

The vast continent of Australia was settled in two main streams, far apart in time and origin.

Andrew Ford

Minimalism, savagery, the raw and the cooked, the primal and the pre-verbal, Elvis's hips, The Ri

Paul X. McCarthy

Why have local video shops disappeared and been replaced by Netflix?

Emer O'Toole

Change the way you think about gender and feminism forever.

Samantha Trenoweth (ed)

In Australia violence against women is a silent epidemic.

Peter Pedersen, Haluk Oral, Julian Thompson

From 25 April 1915 to 9 January 1916, troops from Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Turkey engag

Nicholas Shakespeare

On 1 January 1915, ramifications from the First World War, raging half a world away, were felt in

Gabriella Coleman

An engrossing, fascinating report from inside Anonymous, by the scholar who was embedded in the i

Francis Fukuyama

From the Industrial Revolution to the Globalisation of Democracy

Christian Rudder

Reveals the myriad and mind-blowing possibilities of harnessing big data, and explores what our d

Dr Judy Melinek , T.J. Mitchell

An engrossing, poignant, humorous and gripping account of the life of a medical examiner - and th

Christina Lamb

A gripping expose of the Allied Forces occupation of Afghanistan.

John Barron

Get all the facts ... if you can handle the truth.

Hamid Mohsin

From the author of the novels Moth Smoke, The Reluctant Fundamentalist and How to Get Filthy Rich

Frank Moorhouse

ASIO has kept a file on Frank Moorhouse since he was 17.

Thomas Keneally

In the third volume of Thomas Keneally's unique history of Australia - where he shines a light on

Peter Fitzsimons

On 25 April 1915, Allied forces landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula in present-day Turkey to secure

Jane Gleeson-White

An accessible, timely and fascinating account of the revolution going on in the world of finance

Paddy O'Reilly

The Holden rolled into our lives in 1948 and has been firmly rooted in the Australian psyche ever


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