Adam Courtenay

The greatest escape story of Australian colonial history by the son of Australia's best-loved sto

Bri Lee

A well-established legal doctrine that a defendant must 'take their victim as they find them'.

Gregory Smith

What makes a man turn his back on society? What makes him return?

Peter Wohlleben

Bestselling author of The Hidden Life of Trees shows how to decipher the weather through nature's

David Sedaris

The long-awaited new collection of stories from David Sedaris, America's favourite humourist.

Stan Yarramunua, Robert Hillman

A Man Called Yarra is an inspiring memoir of overcoming hardship and striving for a better life.

Brian Ford

Ever since Jurassic Park we thought we knew how dinosaurs lived their lives.

Phillipa McGuinness

2001. It's not over yet.

Kate Wild

In 2009, in the NSW country town of Armidale, a mentally ill young man is shot dead by a police o

Emily Power

A practical guide for preparing to enter the property market

Robert Wright

From one of America’s most brilliant writers, a New York Times bestselling journey through psycho

James Comey

In A Higher Loyalty, former FBI director James Comey shares his never-before-told experiences fro

Peter FitzSimons

Peter FitzSimons brings to life the story of the battle of Le Hamel - the Allied triumph mastermi

Alannah Hill

Unflinching, funny, shocking, inspiring and tender: this is a story like no other.

Simon Winchester

Bestselling author Simon Winchester writes a magnificent history of the pioneering engineers who

Jamila Rizvi

Australia's favourite women share what they wish they'd known about life with a newborn, in this

Hugh Mackay

'When it comes to our future, misplaced optimism is as dangerous as blind faith.

Helen Brown

In the tradition of Helen Brown's international bestseller Cleo and based on her popular Huffingt

Juli Berwald

A former ocean scientist goes in pursuit of the slippery story of jellyfish, rediscovering her pa

Carlo Rovelli

The bestselling author of Seven Brief Lessons on Physics takes us on an exhilarating journey to d


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