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Title: The Nowhere Child
Author: Christian White
Staff Member: Matt

'Pleasing page turner that keeps you guessing till the end.'




Title: The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart
Author: Holly Ringland
Staff Member: Cecilia

'Powerful storytelling with a rich descriptive prose that conveys beautifully the loss, trauma and grief experienced by nine-year-old Alice Hart in her fractured childhood. This is a redemptive novel that reclaims hope through transformation as Alice makes the journey through to adulthood.'





Title: The Shepherd's Hut
Author: Tim Winton
Staff Member: Sue

'Two central issues: an exploration of Australian masculinity and a quest for goodness in today's secular world. Two wonderful male characters: one young, damaged, searching; the other flawed, compassionate and, with the weight of years, accepting of himself and tolerant of his fellow man.
Raw, gripping, rewarding. An honest novel, a hopeful novel. Superb.'





Title: La Belle Sauvage
Author: Philip Pullman
Staff Member: Cecilia

'Welcome back (to the future) Lyra! This prequel to the His Dark Materials trilogy (re)introduces the main character, Lyra, as a baby, with her magnificent 11-year-old protector Malcolm and aided by the most unlikely teen Alice. Strange and marvellous adventures engage the reader from the first page.'
Age 13+




Title: Days Without End
Author: Sebastian Barry
Staff Member: Ian

'Highly recommend!'